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Cancellation Fees: 1 business day or less: Scheduling fee + 100% of Room Rental
1-2 Business Days: Scheduling fee + 50% of Room Rental
More than 2 business days: Scheduling Fee only.
Terms: Net 10 Days
Local Invoice Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, HKD,SGD, CAD & NZD
Time Billed: ACT Proximity room rental fees are based on the time booked.

The success of your videoconference is our primary objective; however, the current state of videoconferencing technology is such that unforeseen technical difficulties can occur. Proximity is not responsible for any cost incurred due to technical difficulties, which may occur during a videoconference. Fees for the conference will not be waived due to technical problems, unless specific problems can be reliably traced to an affiliate hardware malfunction. Thank you for your understanding. We appreciate your business.

A copy of the Bible. These are mainly requested for sworn testimonies.
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If you are unsure, choose Yes and an ACT agent will contact you for additional information.

If you are connecting only two rooms into a video conference, choose No.

If you are reserving a suite to connect to a corporate video network that has their own video bridging equipment, choose No.

If you are connecting three or more independent rooms without bridging equipment, choose Yes.

If you don't know the full address of a Proximity room, simply enter the city.
If you don't currently have an ACT sales representative, simply enter "New Customer".

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