Managed Video Conferencing

All the Benefits of Video Conferencing, Without the Management

If your company owns video conference service bridges and equipment, but the cost of overhead and lack of resources outweigh the benefits- outsource to ACT! We work with you on all facets of video conferencing, from the initial purchase of equipment, selection of a remote management tools, to the implementation of global events.  With managed video conferencing, integrate video conferences seamlessly into your network strategy and avoid technology obsolescence.

After your customized solution is designed and implemented, we integrate and manage all of the multimedia elements required for each video conferencing event. ACT's managed video conferencing service includes bridge management, endpoint monitoring and management, problem management and room scheduling.

Our Managed Video Conferencing Services include:

  • Bridge Management. Proactive bridge monitoring enhances quality of service and security.
  • Endpoint Monitoring. Remote device monitoring helps the meeting run smoothly.
  • Problem Control. Depend on ACT to help troubleshoot any technical glitches you may encounter. Two levels of assistance allow on-the-spot troubleshooting resolution during an event as well as post-meeting evaluation and repair of any ongoing issues.
  • Room Scheduling. Ensure conference bookings are always in order through ACT’s centralized room bookings solution and scheduling conflict resolution.
  • Professional Services.  Expert consultation from ACT helps you reduce risk and invest wisely in video conferencing technology.

Reduce stress and contact us to manage your entire video conferencing solution.
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ACT Conferencing is a global provider of audio, web and video collaboration solutions. For more than 20 years, the world's largest enterprises and communication providers have depended on our consultation and service delivery to increase revenues, improve productivity, reach new markets, and outperform their competition.