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Using Technology to Combat Unplanned Absenteeism in the Work Place
October 2009

The loss of one or several employees for a single day or multiple days can have major impacts to these organizations from both a productivity and a revenue standpoint. However, through the use of technology including audio or web conferencing tools, these losses can be minimized.

SMB Conferencing Services
September 2009

Increasingly, medium and small companies need a full suite of conferencing services to compete in a decentralized competitive environment. Compare the various types of conferencing providers and what they offer to small and medium businesses.

The Death of Corporate Travel?
August 2009

Is corporate travel disappearing for good? One of the most telling indicators that corporate travel is not going to recover to post-2007 levels is the changing attitude toward "virtual" business.

The Swine Flu: Seven Steps for Corporate Contingency Plans
April 2009

During a crisis, a large percentage of workers in a knowledge-based economy could work remotely for a short period of time with minimal impact on productivity. Does your company have a plan?

Depression or Recession: It Doesn't Matter
March 2009

The travel industry itself is attempting to salvage corporate travel before it is, potentially, legislated out of existence.

Cost Cutting vs. the Decentralized Enterprise, Part 2
February 2009

So you’re not Google - where can you start? Here are some practical ways to integrate conferencing effectively to create a more “sticky” organization.

Cost Cutting vs. the Decentralized Enterprise, Part 1
January 2009

The current global economic downturn will be the first major test for the virtual enterprise model. With many companies cutting travel and implementing layoffs, the remoteness of many workers can promote a downward spiral of productivity and morale.


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Videoconferencing Managed Services: A comprehensive support strategy to drive ROI

This white paper covers: Definitions and services offered in a video managed services environment, who should consider outsourcing video management services and more.

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